Inspiration for a Fabulous Festivus

In keeping up with the Duprey Whinery Countdown to Christmas, I thought I would share a public service announcement on how “NOT” to celebrate the holiday. Apparently, “glitter beards” are a thing. An ugly, messy, bizarre thing. (Click here if you dare.) The Grizzly Adams beard trend is bad enough, and needless to say, lands … Continue reading Inspiration for a Fabulous Festivus

Wanna be in my book?

First of all, I apologize for my lack of posts lately.  I've been feeling very disoriented and distracted by life and its twists and turns. It's not easy to be funny when you're in a mood like that.  Plus it's a bit like having Adult ADD, and you just can't string two sentences together without … Continue reading Wanna be in my book?