This isn’t goodbye

It’s time to end this blog as you’ve known it. It’s no secret that the last two years my inspiration dwindled. The problem with writing such a deeply personal blog is that at some point you run out of material. Especially when your material is all about the failures in your life — be it family, dating, marriage/divorce, career, dieting, teetotaling, or Jenga.

This blog started as an experiment borne out of a writing bootcamp. I envisioned myself as David Sedaris meets Chelsea Handler. I can’t fully express the cathartic experience it provided to me to spill my heart and head and various other body parts out on the screen for public consumption. It was humbling and validating, while simultaneously testing my willpower and resistance to put some things out for the world to see. I had to in the end. Without discomfort there is no growth.

And grow I did. Heal, I did in spades. So much so that I don’t foresee the bad dating stories happening in the future (and not just because of social distancing). I’m moving on, and I think my life is about to change in dramatic and entirely positive ways.

This downtime forced by COVID has either inspired people or it has challenged them. Either response is entirely acceptable. I chose to spend the time trying to figure out exactly what my purpose is in this life. I know it isn’t law. I didn’t think it was writing either, because while I’m told that I’m pretty good at it, I don’t feel passionate or driven by it. Yet somehow in this lockdown I’ve found some inspiration to start writing again. And it hasn’t sucked. Somewhere buried in me is the soul of a writer. I have another month of lockdown to find it.

But thanks to some recent guidance from influential sources and confirmed by those I particularly trust, I think I’ve figured out my calling and it is time to act on it.

My talent is writing; my mission is to help people feel better about their circumstances in this messed up world through laughter; and my passion is and always will be politics. There was a time I wanted to run for U.S. Senate, but I don’t like people. I’m probably more inclined to pick up Bernie’s mantle and lead revolutionaries in building guillotines. But again, I don’t like people. At least I can write and fully express myself without actually having to leave home or interact. I think it is time to take a chance and put all these pieces together and master my true calling. COVID has me feeling bold.

I realize that politics may not appeal to some of my loyal readers. I will strive to make it different and broad in appeal, but I know it isn’t for everyone.

I appreciate the support and feedback of every reader over the years. I couldn’t have healed and grown into the woman I am without writing this blog for so many years. I hope you enjoyed it more than you were offended by it. But it’s time to leave the nest and try something completely different with endless material and broader appeal.

I hope you stick with me. If you know me in person you know I won’t be much different. And if my writing does go viral you can say you knew me back when I was nobody.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my journey to this crossroads. I couldn’t have healed without you, and my future surely wouldn’t look so bright.

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