Who doesn’t love A Few Good Men?

Note:  This post is from a prompt in my writing group.  The challenge was to pick the 14th photo in your Facebook album and write about it. This is my story. I’ve never been a fan of parties. I don’t mix well with crowds. I suck at making small talk. I prefer to linger by … Continue reading Who doesn’t love A Few Good Men?

Where did my weekend go?

I am ashamed to admit it. I’ve become one of those women. If you had a hidden camera, or Skype, spying on me this weekend, you would have seen me painting my nails, drinking wine, and wasting hours upon hours of my life watching the Hallmark channel. I realize that this confession probably ruins the … Continue reading Where did my weekend go?

So…40 happened

The one thing nobody tells you about turning 40 is that is causes a rupture in the space-time continuum such that every year thereafter passes three times as quickly as your pre-40 years. (Disclaimer: I’m not a scientist. I don’t know what the hell I am talking about here. I don’t even watch Doctor Who.) … Continue reading So…40 happened

Travels With Crazy

For years I have believed I could compete on The Amazing Race.  Whether I would win or not would depend upon finding the right partner. By “right partner” I mean someone who is a triathlete who can drive stick shift, has high tolerance for eating disgusting things and is willing to wear a fanny pack, because … Continue reading Travels With Crazy