The “Get off my lawn!” debate

Welcome back to night 2 of the Democratic beauty pageant to elect Joe Biden. I have to admit night one was rather amusing. Well at least the memes were this morning. I don't have high expectations for tonight given the contenders, but I've covered myself in Ben-Gay, strapped on my bunion corrector, and now I'm … Continue reading The “Get off my lawn!” debate

Let’s get it on….(liveblogging debate #1)

Back by popular demand of three of my loyal followers. In the words of Marvin Gaye....let's get it on. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Cory Booker unbuttoned his shirt and started singing that. He needs some media attention. So, who's up first? I can't even keep track of them all and I've been … Continue reading Let’s get it on….(liveblogging debate #1)