Lessons in unconditional love

It is often said that people resemble their pets over time. I don’t think I really looked like my dogs; however, they were all adorable, gorgeous creatures, so maybe there’s some truth to that maxim. Seven years ago, I came out of my marriage with all three of our dogs. I left the bird and rabbit … Continue reading Lessons in unconditional love

Liveblogging the Pope!

[Disclaimer because I'm a lawyer...I know this blog is usually humorous, and religion is a divisive topic. But I pay for this website, so you're stuck with whatever I feel like writing about when I drink my wine. So, read on, or not...] Ok, I’m not really live blogging the Pope’s visit. For one reason, … Continue reading Liveblogging the Pope!

Liveblogging the GOP Reenactment of Lord of the Flies

Greetings my fellow Americans (and those readers in other countries who are just thankful that these jokers aren't competing to run your country).  Against doctor's orders, I have my box of wine ready to live blog the second GOP debate.  I'm wearing my "Feel the Bern!" t-shirt and cutting into my giant rainbow wedding cake waiting for … Continue reading Liveblogging the GOP Reenactment of Lord of the Flies