Holding on by a string

I've tried to stay upbeat about this pandemic. As I've written previously, there are silver linings to be found in it. And I think most people are finding it to be a much needed forced time to reassess their goals and lives. But I've been rapidly approaching a breaking point in the last couple days. … Continue reading Holding on by a string

Don’t tell me food doesn’t love me

Every birthday I reach a point where I think "I'm old. I need to just accept that I'm old and can't lose weight." And then Jennifer Lopez at 51 rocks a stripper pole at the Super Bowl in a bedazzled G-string and I think maybe I'm underachieving a bit. Not that I'm going to put … Continue reading Don’t tell me food doesn’t love me

Skin-ny dipping

"Have you ever dated a nudist?" Of all the weird opening messages I've received on a dating site, this wins, hands (or other naked body parts) down. "Sven" was a very attractive Nordic looking paramedic from Long Island. A short 75 minute ferry ride plus 20 minute drive away. That's a bit of a haul … Continue reading Skin-ny dipping